Basic Information


Our patented Goldenhance® plating process uses no lacquers or solvents, making it the most environmentally sound system available.  We make this possible by employing the latest in high-tech materials coupled with advanced processing to meet the requirements for high volume precision gold plating.

If you are in need of consistent production plating, our facility is equipped to process your coins quickly with guaranteed results.  Should you prefer to utilize your own work force, we can assist you in implementing our system in your facility.  We can recommend easily maintained plating solutions, efficient post cleaning systems, and provide ideas and accessories to simplify the handling of your coins.

If you already have gold plating capabilities, we would be happy to discuss how our technology can be adapted for use with your current equipment.

For "one of a kind" or low volume plating check out our links for information on pen plating and stop-off lacquer processes.